Society Sanctioned Show Rules

To be eligible and recognized for Belted Galloway Society financial support and points, Belted Galloway shows must comply with the following rules.
  1. Exhibitors must be members in good standing of the Belted Galloway Society, Inc. 

  2. Animals must be registered or recorded in the Belted Galloway Society Herd Book or other Society  recognized Herd Book. 

  3. Animals must be in good physical condition and typical of the breed in conformation. "Good  physical condition" shall include but not be limited to the absence of any infectious condition such  as ringworm or warts. 

  4. Original registration or recordation will be required at check in. Any animal without a legible tattoo  will not be allowed to show. 

  5. Bulls over 12 months of age are required to wear nose rings, either temporary or permanent, and  must have a lead attached to the ring whenever being led. 

  6. All bulls shown must have two descended testicles. No cryptorchids will be allowed. 

  7. Bulls exhibited at 16 mos. of age or older must be accompanied by a certificate documenting they  have passed a breeding soundness exam, including but not limited to the progressive motility,  sperm morphology and scrotal circumference performed by a licensed veterinarian. 

  8. Females that are 26 mos. or younger are eligible to show in the heifer classes. Females that are 27  months or older must show in cow/calf class with a calf at side. Calves exhibited in the cow/calf  class cannot be over 230 days of age. All cows must be lactating, and all calves must be nursing. 

  9. Animals must be purebred and registered in the Herd Book to qualify for the purebred show. This  will include purebred, properly marked heifers, bulls, purebred steers and Purebred, mismarked  heifers. Mismarked heifers will not be eligible for Supreme Drive  

  10. Percentage Belted Galloway animals must be recorded in the Herd Book to be eligible to be  exhibited in the percentage Belted Galloway show which would include percentage heifers and  steers. 

  11. Percentage heifers and percentage steers may not be shown in group classes. 

  12. The order of the show will be purebred, properly marked heifers, cow/calf, bulls and group classes,  followed by purebred steers, percentage steers, purebred, mis-marked heifers and percentage  heifers. 

    Group classes:
    • a. Only purebred, Belted Galloways can be shown in group classes, no percentage animals, steers are allowed.
    • b. There will be 3 group classes, Get of Sire, (3 animals by one sire) Produce of Dam, (2 animals by one dam), and Best Four Head which will consist of 4 animals represented in any configuration. All animals shown in groups must have shown in previous classes.
    • c. All animals shown in the Best Four Head (Breeder’s Herd) group class must all be bred by the same breeder. Animals in this group must be owned or co-owned by the exhibitor at least 30 days prior to show and the same owner’s name needs to be present on registration paper as well as bred by the Group classes need to be declared at time of check in.

  13. Grand and Reserve Grand Heifers and Bulls will be DNA verified at the Society's expense at the  National show at the NAILE only. DNA verification is not required by the Society at any other  shows. 

  14. To compete in the Junior Show and Showmanship classes with an animal, the Exhibitor must be a  Junior member of the Society and be 8 years of age or older.  This includes any alternate show  person entering the ring for the junior. No bulls over 7 months of age may be used in Junior  Showmanship and any animal deemed unruly or dangerous while in the ring can be dismissed at  the Judge's discretion. Only one handler per animal will be allowed in the ring during  Showmanship. 

  15. Substitution: Should any entry be substituted for another no new fees are required. However,  registration papers must be submitted with the request for substitution. Substitutions must be made  by the late entry deadline of the show. Substitutions may be made within class only. 

  16. The Show Committee reserves the right to combine or split classes depending upon total entries in  the class. 

  17. The Show Committee reserves the right to disqualify any animal that has been fitted in an unethical  manner. Unethical fitting shall include any injections of gas, solid or liquid under the skin to alter  conformation; any additions of artificial tail heads or polls; any surgical alteration of the animal's  shape; as well as any dyeing or coloring which alters the animal's natural color pattern. Artificially  filling animals internally (pumping or drenching) is strictly prohibited. 

  18. Exhibitors are responsible for making sure entries are in the staging area before their classes are  called. Exhibitors that do not enter the show ring within 3 minutes of the announcer’s final call,  forfeit the right to compete in that class. 

  19. Decisions of the judges are final except where mistake, fraud or misrepresentation is proven.  Complaints, if any, must be tendered in writing to the Show Committee. Cost of any resultant  investigations shall be borne by the complainant if allegations are dismissed, or by exhibitor  against whom the complaint was issued, if allegations are proven correct. 

  20. All protests must be made within 24 hours of the show. 

  21. Interference with or disrespect shown to the judge by any exhibitor during the performance of the  judge's duties shall be deemed grounds for immediate disqualification. 

  22. Exhibitors must obey all rules of the Belted Galloway Society, Inc., and of the show they are  attending, or be disqualified. Failure of exhibitors to follow the rules and release times shall not be  allowed back the next year. 

  23. Exhibitors time Slots for set up will be communicated to Exhibitors. 

  24. Unattended animals must be double tied with halter rope plus neck rope or two halters, two ropes.

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