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Breeder's Directory

Council Members

Sheri Riley (TX)
Ledgestone Farms
Vice President
Victoria Oatley (RI)
Oatley's Farm
Past President
Jack Bagley (VA)
Fields Of Athenrye
Terry Etheridge (WI)
TEK Cattle
Council Member
Don Henderson (NY)
River Rook Farm
Council Member
Tommy Fey (TX)
Silver Tin Ranch
Council Member
Dana Jacobson (WA)
Mud Creek LLC
Council Member
Kim Lohmann (IA)
Highland Oaks
Council Member
Marisa Craig (GA)
Family Roots Farm
Executive Director
Corinna Caron (ME)
  [email protected]
Newsletter Editor
Jayde Reilly
  [email protected]

Council Committees

Long Range Planning
Vic Eggleston (WI) Chair
Kris VonDorhmann (NH)
Terry Etheridge (WI)
Dana Jacobson (WA)
Pat Hipple (IA) Chair
Audrey Wagner (IA)
Liz Dausman (IN)

Advertising and Promotion Committee
Don Henderson (NY) - Chair
Corinna Caron (ME)
Erin Seal (VA)
Ashton Caron (ME)
Dana Jacobson (WA)
Terry Willis (IL)

Regional Groups

New England Galloway Group
Dan Romani - President
  • 153 Cooper Rd
  • Chepachet, RI

Formed in 1995, the NEGG plans two or more informal meetings annually featuring educational clinics and potluck lunches. Their emphasis is on providing support and encouragement to young breeders and showmen. They instituted a Heifer Project to encourage youth interest in the breed. The NEGG is responsible for the National Belted Galloway Sale held in April in Fryeburg, Maine.

Southwest Belted Galloway Association
Dawson Masters - President
  • 173 HCR 3303W
  • Malone, Texas

The Southwest Belted Galloway Association (SBGA) is made up of breeders and Beltie fans from all over the Southwest. The SBGA holds an annual meeting for members and serves to introduce the Belted Galloway breed to other ranchers and interested parties in that region.

Great Lakes Belted Galloway Association
Jamie Wilkerson - Public Relations Director
  • 24594 L Ave
  • Adel, Iowa

The GLBGA formed in 1992, holds an annual field day, exhibits animals at many fairs and expositions in the Great Lakes Region, and during late September of each year, sponsors the Belted Galloway Show at World Beef Expo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The GLBGA also sponsors the Annual Midwest Classic Show in Northern Illinois. A newsletter called Great Lakes Belted Galloway Newsletter is published quarterly.

Western Belted Galloway Association
Ted Bentley - President
  • 16420 SE McGillivray Blvd
  • Vancouver, Washington

Westerners formed their regional group in early 1995. The group meets annually, promotes the breed at various western shows and exhibits, and publishes a quarterly newsletter called The Belt-Line. Beltie facts, a membership directory, current events and membership forms are available on the regional website.

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International Groups

New Zealand
New Zealand Galloway
Norway Galloway
Swedish Galloway Association
United Kingdom & Ireland
UK Belted Society
Galloway Cattle Society

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