There has been a lot of published material on the Belted Galloway. Read and learn from these articles.

Research project on color patterns in cattle

Coat color was very variable in early domesticated stocks. In many breeds, color became one of the traits under intense selection and ultimately color became part of the identity of many breeds. However in some older breeds, such as… (Continue Reading Click Here)

Organic Farming, reprint from July 1998 N/L

We’ve often heard the term used, but most of us don’t know precisely what is entailed in organic farming. We solicited the assistance of Marlin Sherbine (PA) to offer some information on the subject. Organic farming at one time was considered the total opposite to conventional farming…
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Crossbreeding, Upbreeding, and Line Breeding

There are numerous strong points for using Belted Galloway genetics in a commercial crossbreeding program. The more obvious transmittable physical characteristics are the Beltie’s thick, double hair coat for climate and fly control…
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Preparing Belted Galloways for Show and Sale

In March, 1998 Belted Galloway breeders Robert Flynn and Stewart Lucas of North Carolina hosted an excellent “A to Z Showmanship Clinic” at Fearrington Village near Pittsboro, NC. Presenter Brian Blinson demonstrated each step of the showmanship process and furnished participants with the checklist below. Flynn and Lucas had the entire presentation…
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Perfect Meat! from London’s Financial Times

Long-time Belted Galloway breeder Toby Richards of Waitsfield, VT forwarded a marvelous article about our beef. He writes, “This article appeared in the Financial Times, written by a totally unbiased observer. It packs a punch…
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Observations on Belted Galloways by William Storrie

Our ongoing correspondence with the late William Storrie during the latter years of his life provided many provocative insights into the belting principles and other attributes of our breed. Mr. Storrie wrote interestingly and informatively from the vantage point of study and observation of the Netherwood herd…
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Grand Old Man. Maple Brae Timothy at 13

A Grand Old Man is honored today. Maple Brae Timothy celebrated his 13th birthday this month and is still in service, still moving out with the spring of youth. You’ve met his progeny in show rings all over the country. Now meet this fine bull in person…
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Belties are Survivors! Herd fared well in flood

Cattle breeders across the country battled fierce weather during the spring of ’97. Extremes in temperatures in late winter, the infamous Western ‘April blizzard,’ serious flooding in the Great Northwest, the Dakotas and the Heartland — all contributed to bovine losses in hundreds of thousands. There is, though, one cattle breed which marched undaunted through the ultimate tests Mother Nature imposed…
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Winston Churchill’s Belted Galloways

John Kincaid was herdsman for the famed Moss End Farm when he wrote an article for the U.K.’s January, 1964 Belted Galloway News describing a famous Belted Galloway herd: “One of the best of the English herds is to be found at Chartwell Manor, in Kent. This small select herd is owned by the Right Honorable Sir Winston Churchill…
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Miss Flora Stuart of Old Place of Mochrum, Wigstownshire, Scotland, 1941-2005

Miss Flora was known the world over for her role as President of the Belted Galloway Cattle Society, and for her dedication to the breed’s promotion and improvement. Such was Flora Stuart’s standing, from Adelaide to Argyll, anyone discussing Belted Galloways would invariably mention her name in the same breath…
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Memories of A.H. Chatfield, Jr., Aldermere Farm

With sad and heavy heart we report the passing of a unique and outstanding gentleman, A.H. Chatfield, Jr., late in the evening June 14, 1999 at his home at Aldermere Farm, Rockport, Maine. The article below is reprinted from U.S. Beltie News, July, 1999. A scholarship fund has been established…
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A. H. Chatfield, Jr. talks Belted Galloways

The Belted Galloway Society, Inc., a non-profit association of breeders in the United States, was organized in 1951 for the recording of pedigrees and promotion of Belted Galloway cattle. Foundation stock of the present Belted Galloway herds in the United States and Canada apparently date back to an importation from Scotland in 1950…
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