HOw To Transfer a belted galloway

1. Download a transfer application form from
2. Legibly fill in the animal's name, correct registration number, sex, date of sale and date the application is submitted.
3. Enter new and old owner names, addresses and membership numbers. If either party is a non-member, note this in the "number" blank.
4. If the animal is a bred female or exposed female, it is required that the owner of the bull fill in and sign the bottom of the form, indicating served dates ("pasture" if not precisely known), the bull's name and number, and indicate whether the breeding was natural or artificial.
5. The animal's original registration certificate and proper fees must accompany the application for transfer.

Signing in New Members
When animals are sold to newcomers to the breed a free one-year Society membership is issued to them. The new members receive a Breeder’s Manual and a 'new member packet' from the Executive Director’s office. New members begin receiving newsletters immediately.