Registering a Belted Galloway bull

All bulls born on or after January 1, 2018 are required to be DNA and hypotrichosis tested BEFORE registration. A request to the Executive Director’s office must be made to generate the required paperwork to submit samples to the UC Davis.
Fees for the mandatory DNA and hypotrichosis testing are $65.

Bulls born on January 1, 2018 or after, may be registered with the CLRC for $30 after the DNA and hypotrichosis testing are completed. For bulls born before January 1, 2018 -- DNA or hypotrichosis testing is not a requirement. Fees for registration will remain $50. The Executive Director’s office will notify the breeder with the test results and an authorization for registration.

Samples, Fees & Testing Results

All samples (hair or semen) are to be sent to the official laboratory listed. (Note: semen straws do not have to be frozen but need to be protected from breakage.) All payments ($65 per animal – payable to the BGS) are to be sent to the Executive Director. No results will be released until payment has been received.

The official laboratory will report the test results to the Executive Director’s office who records the results and forwards it to the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation. The report is emailed or mailed to the member who made the request. The member may now complete the application for registration to the CLRC (and mail the registration fee of $30 to the CLRC). Remember to include a semen certificate if the animal was the result of AI. The dam of a calf born as a result of embryo transfer must be DNA recorded with the CLRC. In addition, the donor cow has to be hypo tested if she is flushed after Jan. 1, 2018.

Application for Registration Helpful Hints